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Your Hearing Care Is Our Commitment

One in eight Americans experiences some form of hearing loss, but very few of them do anything about it. This is an enormous tragedy, because most hearing loss is treatable. Because you have taken a positive step toward recognizing that you have a problem and began your search for a solution, you are among a brave minority. As you explore what the Hearing Center at Dublin ENT can do to help, we want to make it clear that your hearing care is our commitment.

For most individuals a hearing impairment leads to isolation, depression and anxiety coupled with strained relationships, decreased independence and a deteriorating quality of life. At the outset, finding answers to treating hearing loss can be a daunting task. We understand your situation and are sensitive to how it has impacted your life, but we are also eager to help you understand that seeking treatment for your hearing loss helps to heal relationships, restore independence and improve your quality of life.

The hope of restoring your hearing comes from the variety of solutions we have available for treating hearing loss, including:

• Comprehensive Hearing Assessments
• Custom Hearing Protection
• Hearing Aids
• Implantable Solutions
• Assistive Listening Technologies
• Balance Disorders Treatment
• Earwax Removal
• Tinnitus Treatment

If keeping up with conversations with friends, family, or colleagues when there is background noise is a struggle, you can’t make out what someone is saying during a telephone conversation or those around you complain that the volume on your television is too loud, it might mean that you are experiencing hearing loss. Identifying the cause of your hearing loss and receiving the proper treatment is just one step away. You can enter into a lifelong hearing care partnership with the compassionate professionals at the Hearing Center of Dublin ENT and, with the right amplification, hearing can be significantly improved which can improve quality of life.

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Hearing Assessments Are Essential

Getting help for hearing loss begins with understanding what is causing the problem. Hearing loss can be the result of having too much earwax, a bug, or a growth in the ear canal or as complicated as advanced auditory nerve damage. The only way to know what is causing the issue is to schedule a hearing assessment. The Hearing Center of Dublin ENT provides comprehensive hearing assessments that properly identify the cause of your hearing loss in order to apply the most comprehensive hearing care treatment.
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Advanced Hearing Technologies Are Available

Micro-digital technology has made it possible for hearing aids to perform at a more advanced level than ever before. These innovations also translate into smaller, more discrete instruments that, in some instances, no one will know you are wearing unless you tell them. Integration with other forms of technology like your smartphone, television, computer, landline telephone and others are additional benefits realized by users of the advanced hearing technologies offered by the Hearing Center of Dublin ENT.

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Making the right decision often means overcoming personal objections or reservations. Better information, answers to questions or a bit of encouragement could be all that is standing between you and a much-improved quality of life.

For this reason, the Hearing Center of Dublin ENT has a hearing care expert on hand to help answer questions and respond to your concerns related to hearing loss and hearing care. To receive a callback from our expert, simply complete this form for a friendly no-obligation conversation relating to your questions and/or concerns.