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When you think about what defines American culture, it might be the landscape, the food or the world-renowned film industry. However, at this time of year, you can ask around and then most common answer will probably be football.

At The Hearing Center of Dublin ENT, it’s when we remember the inspiring players with hearing difficulties who have contributed to the game. We always have a few thoughts dedicated to understanding the experiences of people who might need our services. With the right support, we know everyone can contribute as much to the world as these players.


Hearing heroes

Players who are working with hearing loss in the NFL have numerous obstacles to overcome including not being able to read lips while everyone is wearing helmets, the overwhelming noise in stadium conditions, and getting hearing aids to stay in place and work in sweaty, hot conditions.

Highlighting these struggles demonstrates why players like Derrick Coleman (Arizona Cardinals), Reed Doughty (Washington Redskins 2006-2013) and Kenny Walker (Denver Broncos 1991-1992) are shining examples to everyone, particularly for those with a hearing loss. They all experienced doubt, negativity and lack of support but they found ways to keep going and become the best at their chosen profession.

For some players, contributing to football is not just about what takes place on the field. Walker continues his support of deaf players in the game by coaching. For a short time, he worked at Gallaudet University, which is an educational center for the deaf that fields a NCAA football team. Coleman appeared in an inspirational, national ad campaign for Duracell championing the triumph of determination over obstacles associated with hearing difficulties.


Raising your game

For some of these players, hearing loss is something they have lived with throughout their lives, while others developed issues as a result of illness or damage. Regardless of the cause, they certainly demonstrate that hearing issues need not stand in the way of achieving the things you want in life. It’s all about adaptation and having the right support.

Communication is the foundation of great teamwork, whether you are on a football field, at work or planning great experiences with friends and family. If you have hearing difficulties, you can find new and better ways to get involved, just like our football heroes, so you can be a full participant for whatever team you want to play on.


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If you or your loved ones are experiencing hearing difficulties and you want to start addressing them so you can achieve your goals, book a hearing test in Dublin, Georgia with The Hearing Center of Dublin ENT. We can tailor a plan to support your experiences and connect you with any equipment you might need.

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Melissa Gay

Melissa Gay has been in the business of creating hearing solutions for 25 years now. She understands the trials and tribulations related to hearing loss. Having a deaf sister, as a result of meningitis at the age of two, Melissa has grown up dealing with the challenges created by deafness.