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Have you ever stopped and thought about how important your hearing is? After all, our ears play a major role in connecting us to the world – to our environment, to other people, to those we love.

So what happens when our hearing starts to fade? At first, it might be subtle sounds such as the clock ticking. It might not seem that vital in the beginning but eventually, you might start to wonder how and why this is happening.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the causes of hearing loss in older adults and the early steps you can take if you think you have a hearing loss.


Two Main Causes

  • Sensorineural hearing loss – This means soundwaves can reach your outer and middle ear, but they don’t go beyond your inner ear. Any age group can be affected by this type, but it is often a natural part of aging and found in older adults. It can be a slow process, sometimes starting in your 50’s. Some causes, such as loud music and toxicity, can damage your ears gradually over time. The full consequences don’t take effect until your later years. Other causes include genetic conditions, general poor health, and head injuries.
  • Conductive hearing loss – This means soundwaves don’t make it past your outer or middle ear due to some form of blockage such as earwax. This is usually a temporary and treatable form of hearing loss.


Where Does This Leave You?

More than 50% of adults over 80 struggle with their hearing. Being proactive about your hearing care now will ensure the best quality of hearing for you later in life. This also impacts other health aspects of your life such as certain mental and physical conditions.

At The Hearing Center of Dublin, we take your hearing health seriously. Early care can prevent more complicated long-term problems from happening. If you’ve noticed that your hearing ability is changing, then don’t hesitate to see us for a full hearing assessment. We’ll find out how good your hearing is now, and chart any future changes.


How can we help you?

Based upon your results, we’ll offer you a treatment plan that is unique to your circumstances. We offer a wide range of hearing aids that can boost your hearing ability and help you to fully experience and enjoy your everyday life. Our ongoing care means we can monitor your hearing loss and even slow it down.


What’s your next step?

Simply call 478-272-8382 to book a convenient hearing test in Dublin, GA with our audiologists. At your appointment, we’ll assess your hearing and suggest a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.

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Melissa Gay

Melissa Gay has been in the business of creating hearing solutions for 25 years now. She understands the trials and tribulations related to hearing loss. Having a deaf sister, as a result of meningitis at the age of two, Melissa has grown up dealing with the challenges created by deafness.